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Kid’s from Elwood chatting about school life.

Episode 5 - End of term.

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At the end of an interesting and packed term 1, 6T say goodbye and leave you all with some wise words. 
We also hear from Nicole (apologies for the high pitched voice) and play a song from the senior Choir. 

Alice & Henry host, Song credits The american Dollar - Signalling through the flames, and Never seen the rain - Tones and I



Episode 4 - puzzles and parents

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Episode 4, hosted by Sienna, Ruby and Will! 

We have riddles galore for you all today, and then Sienna and Ruby take the microphone out to chat to school parents about what its like to be a parent at Elwood Primary. 

We discuss class news and school news, and have a few laughs along the way!

Thanks to Angus for the logo and Henry for the editing!


Episode 3 - Dogs and Snakes at school!

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Welcome to episode 3, hosted by Boston, Sophie and Kyla!

Sophie conducts a bit of Elwood trivia, Boston tells us about a snake near school, Kyla gives her opinions on some hot school topics! We also interview some of the dogs (and their handlers) about story dogs!

Thanks for the logo Angus, and Henry for editing, And Nellie for  helping with the interview.


Episode 2 - Chatting to the big cheese

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This week's hosts are Ebony, Nellie and Spencer

We invite our school principal Nicole in to ask her the hard hitting questions. We discuss some school news before we also have some interviews with some of the school representatives in the division swimming carnival. 

Thanks for listening. 

thanks to, Henry (audio editing), Angus (logo design) and Kaz (use of his equipment)




Episode 1 - 6Ts first episode

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This is our very first episode, your hosts are Lola, Charli and Bella

with special help from Sophie 

We start with a quick introduction, discuss some funny stories, tips and tricks, we chat to some preps about their first few days of school and we discuss some of the more topical aspects of our school. 

thanks to Kaz for the theme song, Tim for all the help and Sarah P for letting us talk to the preps. 



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